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Montse Feu, Ph.D


US Latino Periodicals, Spanish Civil War Exile,

Antifascist and Anarchist Literature, Women’s Studies.

I am an associate professor at Sam Houston State University, where I teach Spanish, Hispanic Cultures, and Integrated Studies. As a recovery scholar, I examine antifascist, worker, and US Hispanic periodicals and migration and exile literature. My research builds on the knowledge generated by the research groups I participate as a board member, among them the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage (RUSHLH), the Research Society for American Periodicals (RSAP), Asociación para el estudio de los exilios y las migraciones Ibéricas Contemporáneas, (AEMIC), Grupo de Estudio del Exilio Literario (GEXEL), and by networks of textual and radical studies. I am a first-generation scholar, raised by workers.

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Jenny Patlan

Technical Assistant 2020

Jenny Puente de Patlan designed the initial FFSTE page.


Jacqueline Swan

Web Designer-Summer 2017

Jacqueline (Jackie) Swan designed the initial site

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