Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibits
Worker Antifascist Culture in US Hispanic Periodicals
recovering, preserving, and making available US. Hispanic periodicals' antifascist culture

This online collection and interpretative exhibits visualize workers' protest fashioned by the alternative intellectual, cultural, and political traditions and institutions: grassroots and mutualist associations, the alternative press, and the comic and farcical theater in the United States. Radical workers have placed significant emphasis on preserving and memorializing their own history. From its earliest days, they have preserved their collective memories in periodicals, through the educational and cultural practices of their organizations. Despite these efforts, their records have been destroyed, censured, deemed irrelevant, or unworthy of institutional care or research attention. Consequently, worker antifascist culture is not always widely available or accessible. The mission of this digital project is one of historical justice. Periodical research diversifies antifascist studies by including migrants and radical workers in the cultural and historical discourse. 

The Exhibits show the connections between antifascist activism and its press. US Hispanic antifascists, in particular anarchists, believed in the free press as a means to engage the general public intellectually, politically, and culturally through journalism, literature, theater, and graphic art.  The Exhibits do not merely recover evidence of workers’ antifascist visual culture but help articulate how their politics shaped knowledge from below. Worker antifascism is honored by anti-elitist, anti-capitalist, and anti-patriarchal perspectives. Texts and images comprise but are not limited to:    

  • Print Culture: periodicals, editors, contributors.

  • Communities: announcements and photographs of rallies and demonstrations, picketing, organizations.

  • Graphic Art: cartoons, drawings, photographs, and obituaries of artists.

  • Stage: announcements of cultural fundraisers and antifascist plays, photographs, and obituaries of participants.

Fighting Fascist Spain -- The Exhibits build a US Hispanic Antifascist Research HUB to support antifascist researchers, descendants, and the general interested public in their efforts to:

  • recover information on victims of fascism

  • dignify victims' and antifascists' genres and perspectives

  • express historical justice

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Funded by

  •  2020 Grants-in-aid of the US Latino Digital Humanities program (USLDH) $7,500 for Technical assistant Jenny Patlan and USLDH post-custodial management.

  •  Summer 2021 FAST SHSU Award $10,000 for Research Assistants Diego Colindres, Bailey Mills, Abigail Schafer.

  • Fall 2021 ORSP SHSU $3,600 Bailey Mills, Abigail Schafer.

Research Assistants


Diego Colindres

Summer 2021

Diego Colindres is an Undergraduate at Sam Houston State University. He is studying to graduate with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Legal Studies, he hopes to either attend Law School in the future or become a paralegal. He works as a Residential Advisor for SHSU in which he interacts with the student population and leads by example. Being bilingual comes from his Mexican heritage. His quest to master the Spanish language led him to become an intern for Dr. Feu-Lopez, this in turn sparked his interest in the fight against Spanish fascism.   


Bailey Mills

Summer  and fall 2021

Bailey Mills is an undergraduate of Sam Houston State University.  She is an English Major with a Minor in Creative Writing.  Bailey has been consistently on the Dean’s List and is a member of SHSU Alpha Lambda Delta.  Bailey first heard of Fighting Fascist Spain:The Exhibits Research Project from Dr. Montse Feu, who requested Bailey to be one of the students working on the project.  At first she did not know much about it at first; however, when learning more about the project, Bailey decided to take part in the research and editing of the Fighting Fascist Spain:The Exhibits.  


Abby Schafer

Summer and fall 2021

Abby is an undergraduate student at Sam Houston State University, earning her BFA in Dance as well as a minor degree in Spanish. In her time at SHSU, Abby has been nominated for a 2019 Sammy Leadership award in addition to a 2021 Raven’s Scholars award. As a scholarship recipient and Dean’s List student, Abby is organized and focused in pursuit of academic and personal success. She hopes to continue this exceptional work ethic throughout her career as a professional dancer. Abby was first introduced to Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibits upon attending a public discussion of Dr. Montse Feu’s adjacent publication. Abby is eager to work with Dr. Feu and learn more about how performing arts connect to the history of Antifascist Culture in the United States.


Maria Mercedes Springett

Summer 2021

Maria Mercedes Springett is an undergraduate transfer student at Sam Houston State University. She is originally from Spain and received an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Lone Star College. Mercedes is currently pursuing her B.A. in Spanish with a minor in Political Science at SHSU and intends to teach advanced Spanish at the public school district in the near future. Her Hispanic heritage and multilingual background gives her the opportunity to excel in multicultural environments and research studies. Mercedes attended Dr Feu’s Intro-Literature of Spanish America class and developed an interest in Dr. Feu’s preservation and recovery of literary history of the Spanish Civil War exile in the United States. She’s honored and excited to contribute to Dr. Feu’s publication Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibits and to learn more about the Hispanic Antifascism culture and efforts in the US.